“Policing is a Priority” – Pffft…

Police Officers

The number of complaints against police staff (in North Yorkshire) has gone up by 28% (D&S Times). The force is facing its 3rd investigation (including two against ACPO officers) by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) in less than a month (D&S Times) whilst, the media relations department espouses… Tackling crime and anti-social behaviour head-on – North Yorkshire and the City of York continues to be one of the safest places in the country in a piece on Home Office figures. And, officials from a variety of international hot-spots have been discovering more about policing North Yorkshire-style (D&S Times)… I bet the force worked hard to hide the evident piss poor management aspects from them!

On the 1st March the D&S Times reported… Gordon Brown ordered the region’s police forces to put more officers on the beat – describing their current efforts as “not acceptable” (probably one of his last instructions). Apparently reports, published by HM Inspector of Constabulary (HMIC) in October, found only Cleveland and North Yorkshire achieved a “good” mark – and only for monthly beat meetings. (With the massaging of statistics that goes on by ACPO and the Government, that is probably an untruth any way!) This in itself is a little rich as it’s Brown’s administration that has created much of the the administrative nightmare that actually prevents police officers from performing the policing function that they joined the job to do!

And whilst all this is going on, what is happening to the staff trying to do a good job? There are more supervisors and senior officers and fewer officers actually out and about on the streets responding to public concerns than was the case 20+ years ago!

Frontline staff are subject to micro time management regimes; including longer shifts, less break time, less A/Leave and fewer allowances for unsociable working conditions such as short notice shift changes. All this whilst those in administrative positions enjoy flexible working, unchecked breaks and more leave (in real terms) for shorter working days/weeks?

Yet another fine example of where this country (and in particular the public sector) has gone tits up and down the pan… More bloody chiefs than Indians in a top-heavy system that actually serves no one. Apart from those at the top of the organisation that is!

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