In his piece; Zero tolerance – it’s a fair cop (The Mail on Sunday) the editor of GQ Magazine Dylan Jones comments on how… ‘We are expected to take low-level antisocial behaviour as an unavoidable fact of life’ the piece although humorous and lighthearted does have a serious message. He echoes the sentiments of many (not least me)… ‘Our world is becoming an increasingly annoying place’. But who is to blame?

What the Government has never understood is that we don’t want smiley community ‘officers’ walking hand in hand, o­ffering directions to people looking for the nearest Waitrose. What we want is a bit more zero tolerance. Because when it works, it really works.

Dylan also discusses his dislike of the overuse of acronyms and idioms in today’s society but I just love the ‘dentist-chair bargaining’ technique he refers to… It should be rolled out ASAP!

DJ4PM = Dylan Jones for Prime minister!

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