Man Flu?

Woman are always a little disparaging about blokes who get a cold and make like they are dying, you know the scenario “he’s off work today, nothing wrong with him, he’s just got man flu (raised eyebrow)”!

Well the following analogy which I heard on the Ken Bruce show on (BBC Radio 2) explains the situation… Men and women can be likened to the internal combustion engine.

A man is like a highly specified, critically balanced and finely tuned F1 racing engine. Where as a woman, is more like a single cylinder two stroke engine found driving some industrial water pump in a far flung corner of an African field.

Imagine the virus or cold germs are like a handful of sand. Throw the sand into an F1 engine and there will be a catastrophic systems failure. Throw the sand into the old donkey pump engine and it is likely to cough a bit, splutter, maybe smoke a little and probably miss a beat or two whilst groaning a little however, it will usually continue on with its task!

Simples 🙂

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