Anjem Choudary…

At the risk of being branded a ‘racist’ (wich anyone who knows me will confirm is not the case), I fealt the need to comment on the following which arrived in my inbox’…

British-born father-of-four Choudary is notoriously vague about whether he works or has other money coming in… (The Sun 06Jan2010)

Anjem Choudary Accounts
Alledged Payments!

The comparison chart (above) shows just what a total idiotic state of affairs exist in this country (the UK)… Apparently, Anjem Choudary (who wanted to lead a march on behalf of Islam4UK in Wootton Bassett to honour the dead Taliban) receives £25,740 from the people he hates… The average British soldier /serviceman/woman, risking their life for the Country receives just £17,004 from the same Government.

Some questions worthy of answer:

  1. How is Anjem Choudary ‘entitled’ to all this money when he (apparently) so obviously has no intention of working or seeking work?
  2. Is the DWP afraid of challenging bogus claims from ethnic minorities?
  3. When will we stop the handouts to scroungers, people who do not a shred of commitment to this once proud Country and its people?
  4. When will any political party be brave enough to state clearly that it will put an end to this whole charade?

Choudary has received little support from the mainstream UK Muslim population, and has been largely criticised in the media. (Wikipedia)

Come on politicians, you’re supposed to be working for us… Enough is enough!

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