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Next week I should be whistling all the way home like some demented dwarf, as I finally return to gainful employment…

 Heigh-Ho (correct title) – a song from Walt Disney’s 1937 animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs… The melodic theme is believed to have been inspired by Robert Schumann‘s composition for piano ‘The Happy Farmer, Returning from Work’ from his 1848 work ‘Album for the Young’, Opus 68. (Wikipedia)

The time has come to replenish the coffers with some filthy lucre. It’s been a little more than twelve months since (initial) retirement and, the downward incline towards a trough in reserves, is likely to replicate the chasm in HM Treasury funds, unless I do a degree of quantitative easing of my own!

After a very relaxing year of foreign travel in the USA and Europe, local fishing trips and social niceties with family and friends, time over expenditure calculations suggest a few dark clouds on the financial horizon. Unfortunately, I have been overlooked by any major windfall provider, the National Lottery has failed to come up trumps, I have nothing worth selling and, I’m too old and ugly for male prostitution!

It was suggested also I might like to seek a civilian post with my previous employer? Phrases such as… ‘Not as long as I have a hole in my arse’ or maybe, ‘not until hell freezes over’ or just a simple ‘WTF’ should adequately describe the answer to that one!

Also, any fanciful expectation of a little financial remuneration for these inane ramblings is likely to be, all but an unbelievable pipe dream… Nothing for it but back to work then… Bugger!

During my time since leaving the police force, I have turned my hand to temporary short term roles however; these were done more as favours for friends (to earn ‘beer money’), rather than being ‘proper jobs’.

Unlike the military, most ‘qualifications’ obtained in the police aren’t transferable to civilian life. In addition to this, the police service also does nothing to provide any form of ‘resettlement’ advice or training to leavers. That may be ok when you’re relatively close to national retirement age however; the vast majority of retired police officers are some considerable distance from that point in their life.

Some would say “where is the problem?” Or, “what’s the grumpy old bugger moaning about now; he’s got a good pension and a lump sum?” That is correct however, taking a cut in income (in real terms) of more than 50% and, being one of those who restarted married life and home ownership again in later life takes its toll. Yes, I would agree that these factors are (to a certain extent), personal choices but they are all financial factors that can’t be ignored.

All things considered, I’m still content with my lot, I’m still pleased that I no longer work for a mismanaged organisation and, I have high hopes for the future of my new business venture.

Will Mr. Grumpy turn into Mr. Happy or is he just being Mr. Dopey? Watch this space!

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