Crash, Bang Wallop!

Mad doesn't cover itSo you’re sat, minding your own business, sending a few e-mails, surfing the web and suddenly… Poof! The firkin laptop shuts down and reboots itself?

No prior word of warning, not an indication or suggestion of any impending doom just, splat and the bloody thing is gone! Off into its own little self control world of boot and reboot? That was last week but what of now?

Well, £130+ later we have a new hard drive, some more memory and a computer that doesn’t groan when you ask it to do more than two things at once. That would be great if it wasn’t for (1) the inconvenience factor, (2) the loss of productivity and (3) the loss of frickin’ data and applications, (4) The absolute encumbrance factor! Shall I go on? Perhaps not…

It wouldn’t have been so bad if I’d had it all backed up but let’s be honest, who does? Despite several similar incidents in the past, I’m like a lot of people who do the, “must make a copy, tomorrow” and never does. Tomorrow is the day after today that I forgot about yesterday!

I am convinced that Mr William Microsoft was well aware of this human trait when he created the Windows OS. That knowledge was sold to hardware manufacturers and built in to any new equipment. That’s the simple reason why we have to replace the bloody stuff, not because we actually want the latest flash gear.

Computer crash is just a fancy modern technical term for… Buy a bloody new one, tight wad!

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