Geek Speak…

Since development in the 1960’s, the Internet has progressed from being a military tool, later a business tool and now more often than not… A fashion accessory, a platform for social trivia, gossip and in many respects, a collection of peoples unimportant and pointless shite!

The web has bred humans who can only converse in Geek Speak or netlingo but what is worse, they actually believe everyone else is actually interested in what they have to say. If not, they must be defective or lacking in some way? Some even e-mail each other when they are in the same bloody office? WTF is that all about?

The popularity of modern electronic communications methods is in many ways, responsible for the bastardisation and demise of the English language. To the extent we now require both an Urban Dictionary as well as the standard Oxford dictionary. Especially if we want to be able to communicate efectivley with those people younger than us!

This network of networks (and technologies like Facebook & Twitter) may have spawned a totally new social forum. However, despite the onset of electronic mail and it’s associated impact upon the written word, the internet is still just a  ‘tool’ to ease human interaction and communication, not a bloody replacement!

Exactly, do we really all want to become robotic nerds who can only manage to talk in Geek Speak? I doubt it. I find it hard to understand people’s unquestioning nature, especially when it comes to someone trying to sell them something! This trait is probably one of the biggest reasons behind the www explosion. It was interesting to hear Social Medium’s take on the phenomenon that is social networking (warning; strong language used)…

Mr Geek listen to me… 

I don’t NEED a computer OR the web, I LIKE it! I don’t need the latest wizbang shite crunching distribution box, I can do without it, no body is going to die because I haven’t got one, the computer is JUST a tool. Unfortunately a lot of the users are aswell 🙂

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