Ali Dizaei…

Metropolitan Police Commander Ali Dizaei has been sentenced to four years for assaulting and falsely arresting a man in a dispute over £600. (BBC News)

Speaking after the trial, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson said:

“It is extremely disappointing and concerning that this very senior officer has been found guilty of abusing his position and power”…

Not suggesting the commissioner is anything less than an honest and genuine person, I wonder if he is seriously ‘concerned’ about the actual offence, the offender or that a senior officer has fallen foul of the law and, ‘disapointed’ about the bad PR for his organisation?

It makes a refreshing change to see that just sometimes, the British Criminal Justice system can deliver some sound results. I wonder if there is any chance of similar success with the ‘expenses politicians’ debacle? A situation that must have made many other MPs scramble to get their books in order!

Perhaps other senior police officers up and down the country, might also be looking inward to see if they have ever ‘abused their position’ or ‘bullied’ anyone?

That said if I were a bookmaker, I wouldn’t be giving better than even odds on Dizaei not lodging an appeal to try and squirm out of this one also!

addendum: It was interesting to listen to the discussion about Dizaei on today’s (090210) Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2.

Thankfully most participants in the debate, took the common sense approach that Dizaei was and is a ‘criminal’ and, he got what was coming to him.

Unfortunately there was still one (Vanessa Walters) who appeared to be jumping on the bandwagon of  ‘Institutional Racism’ and suggest the sorry episode was a racism and/or political situation?

The show can be heard on the BBC iPlayer until the 16th Feb via this link…

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