More media hype around our social pyjama party?

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Today the BBC reported that a notice has appeared at a social welfare office in Dublin which warns claimants; “pyjamas are not regarded as appropriate attire when attending Community Welfare Service at these offices” (see here).

Two years ago a Primary School Headmaster in Belfast, wrote to parents asking them not to wear pyjamas whilst dropping their kids off at school (see here). In January 2010 a Tesco in Wales asked customers not to shop in their pyjamas (see here) and more recently, in May 2011, a Middlesbrough head teacher asked parents to get properly dressed before the school run (see here). So what’s with this pyjama party thing?

It would seem that wandering around in your night attire during the day is nothing new, at least to some members of our society but one has to wonder; is this apparent love of pyjamas some sort of fashion statement or simply laziness? Further evidence to support the assumption in general that our society is slovenly and really couldn’t care less?

In many respects, the wearing of pyjamas on the school run is simply an opposite polarity of extreme. Does anyone comment or concern themselves with the mother who spends 2-3 hours getting ready for the school run? The “simply couldn’t set off without getting dressed darling” brigade are, in some respects just as bad. Their number is probably just as great as those who really couldn’t give a shit. We have all seen them, the type that couldn’t possibly venture outside without the correct levels of preparation.

They only set off to deposit heir little cherubs for a daily dose of education, once they are convinced all is absolute perfection. They ensure their hair is groomed to excess, their make-up has to be just so and, after carefully selecting the right ‘label’ from their extensive collection of Haute couture, they grab the designer bling handbag and load their be-labeled brats into the Chelsea Tractor.

After the drop off they’re free to shop for the day and “do lunch” with a select group of their effected friends, prior to the daily nuisance of school pick-up at 3.30pm curtailing their activities. You can hear them all on their pink bejazzled iPhones outside the school gate; “don’t know if I can manage the gym today hon, I need to get to BJ’s coiffure before hitting the town tonight with Hollie-Jo darling. What? Monday? No sorry babes, have to fit my nails in after the sauna and doing lunch with Jessie. I’ll check my sched for next week, laters Mwwwwh!” 

Can’t say that I’m particularly keen on either extreme however; as extremes appear to be the the way of our society today, and mostly out way middle of the road normality, I suppose I’ll just have to ignore them!