Babble Flash #1

Raised profile at Bankside Babble… 

The Babbler

 The recently created electronic publication ‘Bankside Babble’ is attracting critics and followers from fare and wide and, at an alarming rate (2 at the last count, that we’re aware of). 

The owners are reporting an increase in readership of more than 100% in the first two months of production; a reason born out by entries in  ‘FB News’ this week. 

When questioned about the success, the Editor was cautiously happy but reserved. He felt, there was ‘still some hard work to be done’, especially if the publication was to reach a wider audience, in particular the ‘Yooof Culcher’. Mr Babbler said; 

Kinda bit slow, na wot I meeeen. Like but it’s like totally amazing like…Awesum init! 

Who knows what the future holds for Bankside Babble? With such popularity the publishing deals may well come flooding in, eventually…  Let’s hope it all comes to fruition before Mr Babbler shuffles off 🙂

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