Dress Up/Down?

Apparently “A Tesco store has asked customers not to shop in their pyjamas or barefoot” (BBC News)?

WTF? Why would anyone want to? It seems that there is a growing amount of people who simply can’t be arsed to get dressed before they go to the shops? Some dismiss it as a fashion statement but to my mind its just another fine example of our lazy bone idle society!

A society where kids can’t/won’t pull their jeans up, who can’t/won’t pick their feet up, go through all types of hair styles and who continually bastardise the English language. Perhaps the latter is to save breath and/or brain power? I could sympathise with that if they didn’t interject every other word with the stock descriptive phrase of… “Its like right totally awesome like”!

Another thing that makes me smile is; unbeknown to the kids, their ‘totally awesome and original fashion statement’  is probably on about its third time around… And, anything they class as retro was actually cutting edge designer, less than thirty years ago!

QI Fact of the Day Top hats have been fashionable for almost 200 years, but when the first one was worn in 1797 by James Heatherington, he was immediately arrested and fined 50 pounds for behaving in a manner ‘calculated to frighten timid people’. (www.qi.com/)

QI Quote of the Day “Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.” HENRY DAVID THOREAU (www.qi.com)

A nation full of feckin’ Kevins – So unfair!

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