Class Act…Not !

My friends on Facebook will have seen the following article that made me smile earlier this week…

BBC News Report: ‘Noisy’ Sex woman Spared Prison – A woman who breached an ASBO banning her from having noisy sex has been given a suspended prison sentence.

Apparently Caroline and Steve Cartwright’s “unnatural” love-making prompted numerous complaints from neighbours, a postman and a woman taking her child to school. said: “The noise sounds like they are both in considerable pain. I cannot describe the noise. I have never ever heard anything like it.” After listening to recordings made by the Local Authority, Judge Beatrice Bolton commented… “I’ve heard a very short extract of the noise you make and can well see that your neighbours would be upset and distressed”.

Class act hinny warra shag! Pass wor broon yel pet an’ yee gan doon ‘n’ tek wor doggy fasion!!!

I can only assume they were celebrating after good night out on the piss in somewhere like Newcastle’s infamous Big Market. Have some sympathy; every chav needs to procreate for future generations of ASBO recipients, the ones who are important evidence to support their enhanced giro payments 🙂

Chav Needs

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