Sex Addiction?

What the fcuk is that all about???

UK sex addiction clinics are reporting a rise in the number of people seeking help, a fact being linked to golfer Tiger Woods admitting his affairs. (BBC Report)

Apparently, treatment in the UK is based on methods used in the US where sexual behaviour therapy is big business. However, various medical experts say it is not recognised as a medical illness and dismisses the idea that it could be an addiction. The BBC News Magazine asked, Does Sex Addiction actually exist? I have to say I would ask the same question.

I would suggest that, a large proportion of (so-called) addictions and/or mental illnesses exist because of the often misguided personal belief that; you can actually buy a cure for a trait you have which is in some way different to others in our society. A thought process that is encouraged (obviously) by those in the ever expanding therapy business!

Think about it… Imagine a therapist telling a gay person; “pull up a bean bag and we’ll discuss the issues (for a few weeks at £150 per hour) and you’ll be cured.” Another ‘money making’ import from the USA where even pets have therapists…

Perhaps it’s not the act of sex, it’s more the natural inbuilt desire (that most of us have) to be loved and wanted? After all, the human being is generally a ‘social animal’? This sex addiction thing is either a load of tosh or perhaps I need to sign up to Humpers Anonymous!