Here endeth the excess & hypocracy for another year!

Christmas TrashAs we approach the final phase of seasonal revelry, I for one am happy to see the end of another example year of modern-day Christmas falseness!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed myself over the last week or so with family and friends and, I fully appreciate there may be some people around who still believe in the values of the festive season. There may also still be those who follow and fully understand the religious values of  ‘the event’ however, I’m convinced people in these categories are actually in decline. What I actually object to is the totally OTT nature of peoples expectations, emotions and the out-and-out materialism of the situation.

That said, over the holiday season (and accompanying period of inclement weather), I have actually been heartened to hear the odd tale of peoples kindness and consideration for others but unfortunately, these were few and far between. This got me to wondering; is this because the media (and society in general) are only actually interested in the crap aspects of life?

Another thing that has astounded me is; given the doom and gloom of the economy, how is it that retails are reporting their ‘best ever Boxing Day sales figures’? Perhaps there has actually been some ‘creative reporting’ of the facts to generate sales based on sensationalism?

I have no wish to promote a puritan type view of Christmas festivities however; I do wish people would get a little real about the situation and remember, during their period of gross excess there are many who are lonely and actually have far less than they’ve probably thrown away!

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