Plugging Gaps in Addiction Treatment Services

Community AssetsI recently read a great blog about Recovery Coaching – Recovery What? 

In the  post Carl, a friend with a lifetime of lived-experience and a past work colleague, makes some sound and valid observations about the gaps in our commissioned drugs and alcohol addiction treatment services. His comments raised several important questions and issues, ones that (sadly) often remain unanswered.

My belief is that Recovery Coaching should be at the heart of every recovery support service and community… (Read more)

Carl asked…

  • Can we honestly say that GP’s and front line [addiction treatment] services across the UK have the resources and knowledge necessary to provide more proactive interventions…?
  • Are traditional treatment services appealing and accessible for those new to them?
  • Are waiting lists for accessing ‘treatment’ still in the future with very little in the present to support people during those brief moments of clarity?
  • The best time to initiate change is when a person feels ready, that feeling is fleeting. Are aftercare services post treatment fit for purpose to maintain long term sobriety?

There are some fantastic community resources working hard to support addiction recovery!

However, despite all the past hard work of organisations (see example) like The Recovery Partnership, FAVOR UK and Collective Voice over recent years, coupled with the relentless efforts and endeavors of individuals drawing upon their lived-experience of addiction recovery; many of these resources are strangely underused or worse, still undervalued… by some. For me, the important and salient question is… Why?

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