Mind Over Matter

The mental-health impacts of Covid-19 are already starting to break surface. The lockdown and social-distancing resulting from the pandemic, irrespective of people’s acceptance or reluctance to comply at the time, is likely to result in a tsunami of people requiring some support.

And all that before we even start to consider the associated following impacts, such as domestic violence or increased addictive behaviours and self-medication with alcohol and illicit substances.

Mental Health

Back in October 2019, the Every Mind Matters campaign was launched (see below), to highlight the importance of looking after our mental-health.

Every Mind Matters was created by Public Health England; it provides a range of tips and advice developed with experts and approved by the NHS. It is endorsed by the Royal College of General Practitioners. You can find a useful and helpful YouTube playlist of self-help tips and advice HERE.

Your health is important. But being healthier isn’t just about “doing the right thing” – it’s about making changes to fit your life and make you feel good. One You helps you find that balance, so you feel better, every day. (NHS – One You)

Every Mind Matters

The way we think affects the way we feel, and tackling unhelpful thoughts is one of the best things we can do when we feel less anxious or low. (NHS – Every Mind Matters)

Never forget to reach out – It’s OK not to be OK – you don’t need to try and deal with issues on your own, there are support structures in place!

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