Media Impacts in #Addictions and #SUD

NewsOften I sit in front of the TV, listen to a radio station, or read a newspaper and find myself grumbling. Like others perhaps and even more so today; I also have that tendency towards incandescence when pursuing my social-media timelines.

I find myself thinking… Is it any bloody wonder society (in general) has a distorted and misinformed view about substance use disorders and addictions?

Reality TV shows such as Love Island are encouraging children and young people to smoke or drink under age by showing contestants regularly engaging in both pursuits, public health experts warn. (The Guardian)

Exposure to tobacco and alcohol content in audio-visual media is a risk factor for smoking and alcohol use in young people.*

*Alexander B Barker, John Britton, Emily Thomson, Abby Hunter, Magdalena Opazo Breton, Rachael L Murray, A content analysis of tobacco and alcohol audio-visual content in a sample of UK reality TV programmes, Journal of Public Health, , fdz043,

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