Addiction Recovery – Every Day a Hump Day!

Hump Day CamelSo you’ve arrived at Wednesday, half way through the working week. Well done, only two more days until the weekend.

I hope you’ve been productive, I hope you’ve achieved something that is worthwhile… always assuming that you actually do work, and that your working week is always Monday to Friday.

But what of those who work shifts, or part-time. What if they job-share?

The glorification of Hump Day is mostly an American phenomenon and something contrived in corporate business terminology. That signifying point where you congratulate yourself (and others) for climbing a proverbial hill through a tough week of hard work, towards the relaxation and free-time of the weekend.

Hump Day: Starting around 1965, Wednesday began being referred to as hump day. Smack dab in the middle of the traditional work week, arriving at Wednesday symbolises that we’ve made it over the hump and the weekend is in sight. (Google)

Is there really any need to celebrate Hump Day, what are you really celebrating? Could it be more about your employer trying to motivate you? Do you need some ‘carrot’ to go with the ‘stick’ of motivation, to work at a job you don’t particularly like doing?

Business buzzwords, for good or ill, are a part of corporate life. While some buzzwords are useful… others are fillers or just lazy language. Corporate speak can be both a valuable skill, and something that causes your colleagues to roll their eyes, or even LOL.(The Ultimate List of Business Buzzwords)

Buzzword bingo (aka bullshit bingo) has become something of a corporate pastime for many. Where flippant and/or disengaged participants prepare bingo-style cards of corporate claptrap. to be ticked off during business events, like meetings or a speech.

Perhaps we should all have jobs where we can play games and mess about a little more often? If your that way inclined (and want to play) you can get your bingo cards HERE.

But what if you’re unemployed and out of work? What if you are impacted by illness, disability or old age? What if your life revolves around caring for a loved one, a family member or just another human being… 24/7 and 365 days each year?

For many, all this tosh is merely frivolity, a load of contrived superfluous bollocks. It’s the straw that broke the camel’s back and so for them… When or where is their Hump Day celebration? Don’t they deserve some recognition and be allowed some celebration for what they have achieved this week…so far?

What if you are battling an addictive behaviour? One that has left you destitute or homeless? Maybe your issue have rendered you incapable of work or, perhaps others see you as unemployable? Or worse, perhaps you are suffering an addiction related illness or disability in some way? What do you have to celebrate every Wednesday?

The remainder of society usually says; “so what, that’s their fault, they chose their behaviours, they chose to drink to oblivion or get wasted on drugs” and yes, in many respects they could be right (at least in part) but ignore them… each person struggling along the pathway to recovery should be applauded (and supported if/when they ask for help). And every day, not just on a Wednesday.

For people in recovery from addictions, every day is their Hump Day; the day that they have once again beaten their demons into submission. That new day that has delivered and built another 24hrs of resilience and personal skill, that helps them to self-manage their thoughts, feelings and motions. Each day provides another day of knowledge about how to recognise triggers and cope with urges, no matter how powerful. Another day to be thankful for another opportunity to keep trying… another day of still being alive.

Remember, we’re always only half way there in life until we arrive where we choose to be. If that isn’t the best sort of Hump Day celebration to be grateful, for with what little you have and for all the great things you have achieved, then I don’t now what is!

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