Positive Thinking IS Productive For Your Wellbeing

If you’ve never come across Jay Shetty before, he’s definitely one of those people worth listening to (www.jayshetty.me).

Jay is inspirational and has that ability to help you see things in a different way… usually one that is far more positive for you and your life. As an award winning public speaker, both phisically and via social-media, he really is Making Wisdom Go Viral – but don’t take my word for it, see below and go follow the links to see what you think?

Jay was born and raised in London, like many other children, he was bullied for being overweight and, like many teenagers, he spent most of those years experimenting with what the world had to offer him. His thrill seeking adventures got him get suspended from school on multiple occasions whilst trying to find his identity. He lost two of his best friends when he was 16, one in a car accident and the other due to gang violence. (Read more)

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