Mustn’t Grumble!

Sir Terry WoganThis morning I was listening to BBC radio 2 when I heard the sad news about the passing of Sir Terry Wogan. Like so many others, Wogan was a constituent part of my daily life for many years.

Sad as the news undoubtedly was, not least for his family and close friends, I was also quickly (and thankfully) reminded of the fact: life rumbles on – until it doesn’t.

That was something that Sir Terry often flippantly but always eloquently and amusingly, regularly reminded us of.

Apart from being saddened at the passing of a great (but humble) man, I also see the loss of another member of an important generation. It was the last generation to have lived through WWII, or have been impacted closely by those times, by true poverty and the aftermath of war.

I’ve always found that, despite the ‘normal’ youthful/dotage generational differences and expectations, there is/was a clear bond between people born in the thirty year period between 1930 and 1960. It is well documented academically that; most of our now common place and predominant social viewpoints, along with escalating mostly materialistic personal expectations, were born in the 1960s, developed in the 1970s and sadly, exploded in the 1980s.

Terry Wogan always exemplified the joy to be gained from interaction with others but even more importantly, how we should also care for our fellow human beings.

“When you tell me how important I have been in your lives it’s very moving. You have been every bit as important in mine.” (Sir Terry Wogan)

Terry was part of an ever decreasing section of our society who in general, had that great ability to look at life and say “Mustn’t Grumble” – I’m thankful that I also posses that skill.

”We were brightened by his wonderful personality and charm as he woke us up every weekday morning, becoming an essential and much-loved part of our lives… We will miss him enormously and our thoughts at this very sad time…” (Bob Shennan – Controller BBC Radio 2)

As part of the TOGs generation, Terry’s predominent ethos for life has served me well during my usually pleasurable stroll through this sometimes difficult life!

Sir Michael Terence “Terry” Wogan KBE DL (3 August 1938 – 31 January 2016) – BBC Obituary – Sir Terry Wogan

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