Freeze Frame

Another example to explain the ills of total reliance upon binary comparison as a #Police management tool…


Watching the TV programme ‘The Force’ last night (which follows the work of officers from Greater Manchester Police), I thought of yet another analogy to help explain why binary comparisons are rubbish. (Yes, I know I go on about this, but there are still people out there who appear to be ‘hard of learning’ when it comes to this subject).

Anyway, the episode featured the policing of a protest by the English Defence League, including sequences from a state-of-the-art control room where the officer in charge was able to watch events unfolding on banks of CCTV screens. This meant he was able to make decisions dynamically in response to changing events and fresh information, as it came in.

Freeze frame 1

Using the inevitable #StickPeople to contrive a tenuous link to the use of binary comparisons, here we can see the police boss running an operation to prevent disorder involving the fringe ‘S.D.L.’…

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