Maths Class

Having spent many years involved in the emergency service call centre process I have to say… if only our leaders had been to ‘Stick School’???😕


Stick TeacherHere’s Stick Teacher. Today Stick Teacher is going to run through a few sums with the Stick Children. Adults might find his case studies useful too. Stick Teacher is going to demonstrate how to save money whilst providing a better service – what’s not to like? 🙂

To do this, he’ll use the example of a generic public sector call centre (*police / ambulance / fire / tax office / housing department / other). *Delete as applicable.

The idea that these call centres save money seems to be based on the premise that if you put a lot of people in a central location and give them a specific function that forms part of the overall service provided, it’s cheaper.

Let’s try and understand how this concept works, using characters that Stick Teacher has invented to help explain things to the Stick Children…

Here’s Employee 1. Employee 1 is an enthusiastic call taker and a…

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