The Future Shape Of The Police Service – The Survey Results

What do you want from future policing? See the results of this survey. Although it isn’t ” the most scientific survey you’ll ever come across” the answers are still valid.


Firstly I would like to thank every single one of you that took a few minutes to answer the questions. About 165 of you took the time to answer the questions, although not everybody answered all the questions, but at least it has given me a better idea of what YOU the Public want the shape of the Police Service to be, a heartfelt Thank You.

It hasn’t been the most scientific survey you’ll ever come across but it’s methodology is just as valid as some of the Milky Bar Kid’s surveys, so I hope that’s OK.

The Polls are now closed, don’t try voting now as your might not be counted (trust me, it won’t)

So, here goes, these are YOUR answers to my questions;

A police pay committee recommends cutting the starting salary for officers to £19,000. Is this:-
No of VotesPercentage
Too Little13077%

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