Who speaks for you?

Never assume that someone who uses similar words to you actually thinks the same way you do…

Thoughts of a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

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I saw this quote today via @anon_online on Twitter it crystallised some thoughts I have been meditating on regarding who speaks for me.

I tend to be to the ‘left’ politically but what does that mean exactly? Is it the same definition as yours? I don’t belong to a political party as none of them accurately represent me.  When they speak it is not with my voice.  There has been a lot in MSM lately painting Russell Brand as the public voice of anon and the left.  Others have blogged on this @Maxjfreeman has an excellent post.   Leaving aside my feelings on Russell the person does he speak for me like they portray?  NO!

There are many positive reasons for banding together with or aligning oneself with a group of similar thinkers, I always espouse awareness of our collective consciousness and connectivity BUT and it is a big but…

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