On The Skids

A clear balanced and non emotive view on this week’s @MPSinTheSky Twitter debacle. ..

The Custody Record

Yesterday the Guardian published an article about the Metropolitan Police Service Air Support Unit and the use of their twitter account @mpsinthesky. The full article can be read here.

The matter revolves around complaints that the helicopter has received, across Twitter, from members of the public upset by the noise the helicopter makes. Such complaints are not uncommon. As a regular contributor to my own forces account I am well aware of how the tweet complaints / questions come in when the chopper is overhead someones home. They will vary from basic questions such as ‘what’s happening in x’ or concerns like ‘the helicopter is overhead. Should I be worried?’ We also get complaints about noise and these are predominantly at night. Nobody wants a disturbed nights sleep and the noise from the helicopters can upset many people.

Yet the crux of the issue is not the complaints that…

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