A Big Bad Policeman?

An excellent insight into what policing is really about and why the vast majority of police officers don their uniform each day…to protect you, the public!


I started this blog sometime last year in an effort to champion my cause of openness and honesty between Police and the public we serve.

My audience is a modest one (as proved by my stats on WordPress) but I am proud of the general reception each of my posts receives. Basically, if I get my message out to one new person with each post then I see it as a success. I never started this, nor my anonymous account on Twitter, for ‘followers’ because my ego doesn’t need that – as Mrs Ninja reminds me on occasion. I started the blog because I’m equally proud of the job I do and frustrated at the way society often views us.

All coppers are bas*%#ds aren’t they?
We’re pigs.

All words regularly aimed at us which have become socially acceptable. Woe betide any cop who were…

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