Business: Good Ideas with Great Benefits – Gift Your Gear!

Gift Your Gear!Often people have the makings of a good idea. Not so many of those people actually see their simple idea turn out to be a “Great” one.

Modern business methods and commercialism driving our thought processes tend to dictate that most of those ‘ideas’ are little more than self-promotion. Designed to enhance personal profiles or, at the very least, they have to be financially beneficial for either that individual, or the organisation they represent. But not this one…

The particular ‘idea’ that I’m referring to here, is now an established organisation and one that is benefiting many. It was the original brainchild of Rohan co-founder Sarah Howcroft.

There’s no apparent direct financial benefits for Rohan however; I don’t doubt there will be some ancillary ‘Brand’ awareness and sales promotion benefits to be realised. Ones which will undoubtedly financially benefit the company’s overal product development, marketing and sales potential.

But I’m not really that bothered if this particular ‘idea’ benefits the company’s business in any way, I have loved Rohan gear for years. Ever since I received my first Rohan Bags, a gifted pair of trousers which I believe came from their original shop, I was hooked.

Rohan Bags are the original multi-functional outdoor trousers and the blueprint for all contemporary travel trousers. Everything in our clothing range – and, whatever they may say, everyone else’s, owes a little something to the ground-breaking inspiration behind Bags…(

That lived in pair of trousers eventually met their demise, only through wear and tear and certainly not as a result of any dissatisfaction.

Unfortunately, Rohan clothing has often been priced a little outside of my personal budget. According to the Rohan Bags Price Index the trousers were priced at £19.00 in 1979. Today the same item will create a £57.00  hole in your wallet. No insignificant amount but as ever, quality doesn’t normally come cheap. The fact that Rohan Bags have been in constant production for 30+ years, with very few changes to the original design, must bare testament to the design and quality of an amazing product.

The pricing issue has always been a major consideration for me. It’s the main reason why my particular pair of trousers were never replaced when they became threadbare. It’s also why I’ve never actually possessed as much Rohan clothing as I would like to own.

That said, I still have an affinity with the brand. Living in Skipton at the time of my first encounter with Rohan, and possibly due to my age, there is a loose connection between the growth and maturity of the company and mine. Two lives living in a parallel universe, at least in outdoor terms (see Rohan Heritage).

By way of appreciation for their innovative design ideas, and this particular charitable idea, I  thought I’d do my little bit to say thanks for the great products, and to help spread the word about this worthwhile and initiative and cause.

The ‘idea’ is Gift Your Gear which encourages people to donate unwanted outdoor gear. The equipment and clothing they no longer want or need. It cleverly matches that unwanted outdoor gear with UK community organisations, youth groups and charities working with young people in the outdoors.

Young people need to get outdoors for their physical and emotional wellbeing. The sun doesn’t always shine. It’s hard to enjoy your early experiences in the outdoors when you’re cold, wet and uncomfortable…(

The benefit of Gift Your Gear is best described as providing an opportunity to all so as to ensure that ability to pay for outdoor clothing and equipment is not a barrier to participation.

In wardrobes, attics and garages, long forgotten items of outdoor clothing and equipment are gathering dust. The great outdoors is where they belong…(

Born to be worn, not stitched to be ditched – In wardrobes, attics and garages, long forgotten items of outdoor clothing and equipment are gathering dust – The great outdoors is where they belong!

Gift Your Gear is accepting donations in all Rohan Stores throughout March 2014. To get more information visit the website click the link (HERE) or email them at

One thought on “Business: Good Ideas with Great Benefits – Gift Your Gear!

  1. A fantastic idea Dave, well done; only yesterday I was wondering what to do with an unwanted pair of walking trousers in excellent condition (and other stuff) – what an odd coincidence. I shall be posting to Facebook.


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