Blurred Lines

More confirmation, if any was really needed, of the thoughts and words I’ve been publishing for some time…



Not a controversial pop song by some bloke I’d never heard of. The title of this blog relates to public perception of the Police and the way the media can influence this AND, as a result, the perception we as cops have of ourselves.

Basically, in this country, the media control the way the masses think about most things and the tabloids, in particular, like to run any negative headline they possibly can. I personally believe that is because many Tory party members have shares in said newspapers and therefore use them for their own agenda…. but that’s the conspiracy theorist in me. They rarely seem to report on the good work done day in day out by thousands of cops up and down the country but we have come to expect that.

The question is, should we?

The Police, as a general quantity, are terrible at just getting…

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