What The Hell Is Actually Going On?

I sympathise with the quandaries outlined here. I too look for the naked simplicities of why things happen the way they do. Could the root cause of arguments, for and against the use/value of drugs in mental health treatment, have a simple but commercial background? The drugs industry is one of the most rich in society. Surely that commercial power must influence the use of their products? I’d be surprised if it didn’t.

Mental Health Cop

I didn’t take very long of being more than superficially absorbed in this area of interest before people started recommending I read various mental health related books.  Some of them were very general texts like the Willan Handbook of Forensic Mental Health and actually, for me, this became something of a substitute to being able to go on a training course of any relevance at all.  There is nothing out there to help you chart your way through murky waters of mental health and policing so this volume with its multitude of chapters by a variety of people from disparate academic backgrounds, including psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health nurses and as well as lawyers was well worth having.

But what you learn when you start piling into this stuff head first is that there are a large number of unresolved significant debates that often appear to become spats between the…

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