Dreams and Reality Don’t Mix – Or do they?

A "thought bubble"...

Ever had one of those moments? You know the one; no sooner have you slipped nicely into the warmth of a comfortable daydream then suddenly, you’re rudely awoken and brought crashing back into the hum-drum reality of day-to-day life. But does it honestly have to be that way?

In simple terms the answer to my original question should actually be a resounding no. That said, most of us naturally believe we are constrained by peer pressure, that and the family expectations and financial ties of life. It doesn’t matter if our thought process is logical or perceived, it’s a natural conclusion for many of us.

A wandering minstrel I—A thing of shreds and patches, Of ballads, songs and snatches, And dreamy lullaby! (The Mikado Act I, Part II by W. S. Gilbert)

Most of us arrive at the same answer because our reasoning is tainted. We have thought processes that have been developed from an accepted norm. Factors that have been beaten into us since childhood, physically or metaphorically speaking, actually dictate the way we think.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

We’re all entitled to our dreams, often things do actually get better and sometimes the possessions we dream about owning, or the achievements we aspire to can also become reality. Without a dream or aspirational vision for our future, are we not just merly existing?

Take for example the now famous “I had a dream today” speech delivered by Martin Luther King. Society may not as yet have truly reached the levels that Mr King dreamt about but (arguably) we’re getting there but always remember…

The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer!

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