My Nation of Munchkins!

The sudden and puerile popularity of ‘Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead‘ has to be evidence to support the little known fact; we have devolved from supposedly intellectual and thinking people into a nation of simplistic and self-important munchkins

The word “munchkin” has entered the English language as a reference to small children, dwarfs, or anything cute of diminutive stature…(

We are now a society of individuals who think of little but their own lot in life. A nation of people with predominant self-interests with no concern for the impacts of their words or actions on others.

The current vociferous and often disgusting condemnations of a deceased person are vile and also unacceptable. It’s even worse when many of those comments are made by people who have no real experience of the life issues and/or politics they purport to support.

A nation of people constantly seeking instant gratification of their personal desires and/or support for their ‘popular’ opinions. It’s a very sad indictment of our social framework indeed but should the BBC ban playing the song if it reaches #1 in the charts? No, that would be even more silly than popularity it has attained.

Funny old world we live in today but I do often despair about my fellow-man (and woman)…

One thought on “My Nation of Munchkins!

  1. And leading the vile parties etc. A serving police Sgt. and a teacher of drama. What more needs to be said. RIP Iron Lady, You made Britain Great again. Slainte.


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