Angling: The ‘Gentleman’ in Red

Purchase at Amazon UKJan Porter, known to many as the Man in Red of match angling, is one of the true gentlemen in fishing and one of my angling heroes. Of a similar age to me, Jan is currently battling ill-health but his love of the sport shows no sign of waning…

Unlike Jan, I never had any desire for the match scene or competitive angling, apart from the odd side bet of a beer between angling buddies, awarded for the best fish of the day. Jan was in fact a very succesful national and international match angler in his time. For me it has always been about the simple pleasures of the sport. Being at one with nature and relaxing by a gently flowing river our serene lake in our beautiful countryside.

It has always been about the process of fishing which has been my driver for the sport, rather than the end results of my pescatorial pursuits. As long as each day produces at least one worthwhile memory, be it one big fish or just observing wildlife going about their daily business. Like Jan and many others, my love of fishing is all about a passion for angling!

Jan was recently featured in the Life in Angling series where the celebrities and legends of our sport offer their views on fishing.

Jan Porter has done it all. In a successful career spanning several decades, he has run his own tackle shop, been one of the most noticeable figures on the match angling scene and even put together an impressive personal-best list of specimen fish. He remains just as passionate about angling today as he was as a child and that’s all without even mentioning his ‘failed’ Rock Star status (his choice of words not mine).

Like every other piece of his that I’ve seen before, on TV or via YouTube, he remains articulate, informative and a pleasure to listen to. An excellent ambassador for our sport and a consummate gentleman.

As Jan explains in the video clips (above and below); once the ‘passion’ has grabbed hold it will never leave you, it may falter for brief periods throughout your life but it will always be there!

If the drive he needs to fight his illness is as strong as his love for fishing, I feel sure he will be back on the bank again very soon, enjoying his sport and relaxation… Good health mate!

3 thoughts on “Angling: The ‘Gentleman’ in Red

  1. Sorry to hear Jan is not well, great guy and so down to earth but what a brilliant angler. Met him many times and we always have a great banter together – Two Jans together !


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