Gangnam Engineers Salute Rescue Team

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Too often these days it seems that the devil has great success in finding work for idle hands. That said, I always find it heartening when something or someone proves that adage wrong. That is one of the reasons why I find the need to blog about two organisations near to my heart…

I have past (and present) connections with The Corps of Royal Engineers and, because of my love of the countryside and admiration for their much-needed voluntary work, I’m also an avid supporter of our Mountain Rescue Teams across England & Wales as well as those forming Mountain Rescue Scotland.

The Headquarters Squadron of 21 Engineer Regiment RE, currently deployed on operations in Afghanistan have produced a video parody of Psy’s Gangnam Style to raise money for a local charity. Over the past three months, during periods of downtime and after work, soldiers from 7 Headquarters and Support Squadron have produced the following video, which was launched this week.

Their aim of this video is to raise the profile for the Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team (SMRT), a local charity with whom they have strong links. The video was filmed & produced by the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) in Afghanistan.

Please support their efforts by visiting where (if you wish) you can donate online.

Thanks for your efforts, stay safe and have as good a Christmas as you can guys whilst you are away from your families and loved ones!

One thought on “Gangnam Engineers Salute Rescue Team

  1. Bloody Engineers never looked like the one in the pink hard hat when i were serving………… sadly. Slainte


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