That Bah Humbug Feeling – Again!

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As we race headlong into Christmas at the usual breakneck disgusting commercial pace, like many I’m one of those people who is once again consumed by the Bah Humbug feeling…

It’s a feeling I get every year and one which I also offered my views about last year (see here). True to form my opinion hasn’t really changed very much, neither do I expect it to. Many of those who purportedly endorse and promote the festivities also often don’t actually believe in a lot of what they seek to portray.

Bah Humbug! The Snowman has been a festive favourite for more than three decades but now its creator Raymond Briggs has admitted he does not even like Christmas…(

Despite the retort being something of a common byword for miserliness today, my particular brand of bah humbug isn’t associated with the inherent traits displayed by that well-known Dickensian character Ebenezer Scrooge. That said, I suspect I’m not alone with my views and feelings about Christmas; year on year we seem to get ever further from what Christmas is all about (or at least should be).

Today perhaps more now than ever before, especially given the recent census results (see here), there are probably just as many people who view the seasonal festivities in a similar manner. After all, Christmas is predominantly a Christian celebration. But religious connotations aside, I’m also sure there are just as many people (if not more) who look upon the season with trepidation and/or disdain, as there are those who might be excited about it.

I’m not a misery but after working every Christmas Day bar four since I left school, the day has never been a holiday for me per se. Add thirty years of being a police officer and all that entails and you might start to understand why I do the Bah Humbug thing. You see Christmas doesn’t provide a holiday from crime, from road collisions and death. It doesn’t stop drunks beating hell out of their partners (or their kids), in fact an increase in domestic violence often occurs over the Christmas period.

Despite all the contrived love and compassion that is suddenly evident at Christmas, for many people Christmas is actually a time of sadness. This year, probably more so than in recent times, the impacts of national austerity and personal or family belt-tightening will also be creating even grater financial and/or emotional difficulties than usual.

So as ever… Merry Bloody Humbug!

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