Angling: still catching the dream

An angler on the Kennet and Avon Canal, Englan...

I think it was Bernard Venables who once said; “angling is a pastime that transports us to another world” – the world that I first experienced as one of his Crabtree Kids. That phrase was also reiterated by Bernard Cribbins as he provided anglers a nostalgic view of their Passion For Angling

Since then Bernard Cribbins and Martin Bowler have been continuing with that passion. By collaborating in another piece of stunning film, described by the Angling Times as “the greatest angling show ever made” they have now produced Catching The Impossible. This film is designed to show how childhood adventures by the waterside and exploring the underwater world can also lead to catching the fish of your dreams.

Catching The Impossible was produced by Angler’s Mail, in association with film-maker Hugh Miles and was first aired on the Discovery Shed TV channel in 2011.

Riverman Hugh Miles’s fish watching tips: Such is his knowledge of and passion for the wildlife of our waterways, Riverman Hugh Miles’s name is spoken of in hushed tones…(Jeremy Torrance BBC)

Martin Bowler and friends are now on another epic angling adventure. In his latest film Seeking Shadows, you can also get an understanding of why so many people believe – “being an angler is about so much more than catching fish, it allows the pace of life to slow…”

Until the next time, enjoy your fishing and Tight Lines!

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