FFS get a bloody grip!

We all moan from time to time about our lot in life, even I’ve been known to have the odd grumble now and then. But when it all boils down to it, how many of us really have that much to genuinely complain about? I would suggest very few of us, if we are really honest. Thankfully only a small minority of people in today’s UK society actually experience any real hardship and/or trauma in their life.

Working in a pub, I’m constantly hearing people moaning on about anything and everything that impacts upon their life but I have to say, in reality, most of it is insignificant in the bigger scale of personal, social and world issues.

It’s one of the main reasons why I often feel the need to grab hold of people, give them a forceful shake and scream at them “FFS get a bloody grip on life!” Their often vociferous tales of woe and the human wretchedness of self-pity are tiresome, it’s irksome when you hear how irate people can get about superfluous shite!

Last night I caught the tail end of a documentary show on TV, I don’t recall the title or which channel but it kind of evidenced the point I’m trying to make here; life isn’t actually as bad as we think it is (in real terms). Most of us have far better prospects than we ever had in the past. We are (arguably) better educated, we have better health, a greater life expectancy and we even have better financial security (until recently perhaps) than we previously enjoyed in our social history.

I can’t help thinking, if people had greater cognisance and understanding of social issues, of real trauma and all the other matters that have true impact on people’s quality of life, perhaps then, they wouldn’t venture into verbose complaint and condemnation so easily and freely?

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Conversely, when I listen to individuals like Katie Piper, it kind of restores my faith in people, but generally not for long. My admiration of Katie, and people like her, is born out of a crushing desire to see far more people with her personal strengths and life ethics.

Katie didn’t wallow in her predicament, she wrote Beautiful, the moving true story of how one young woman had her mind, body and spirit cruelly snatched from her. The book outlines how she moved on from the trauma and then inspired millions with her fight to get back the things she had lost.

People like Katie are the ones who others in our society should adopt as shinning examples, instead of the mostly contrived and false icons that so many select as their role-models.

Read Beautiful and you will be angered, moved and inspired. Above all, you will be in awe of Katie Piper… (Sunday Express)

I can’t think that many people haven’t heard about Katie by now however; she is a former model and television presenter who had a promising career taken from her when sulphuric acid was thrown in her face by an ex-boyfriend. The attack, which blinded her in one eye and left her terribly disfigured, emotionally traumatized and has undoubtedly left her scared for life. But does she wallow in self-pity? Not a bit of it!

I’m happy with who I am and I’ve learnt it’s OK to live with disfigurement, and that scars don’t mean I am unattractive… (Katie Piper)

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In 2009 Katie established a charity, the Katie Piper Foundation, which aims to raise awareness of the plight of victims of burns and other disfigurement injuries and illness: the charity also campaigns for the specialist treatment that Katie received to be more widely available to patients in Britain.

In May 2012 Katie’s self-help book entitled Things Get Better was also published to rave reviews and critical acclaim. If you think your life is so bad and really can’t see a way past your problems, perhaps you should read her books?

I truly hope that none of my readership has to witness, experience or endure Katie’s predicament, or indeed some of the life-changing occurrences that have impacted upon my life.

Try a little laissez-faire thinking, be a little more adaptable and adroit in all that you do. We might not all posses the necessary and instinctive ability to know how to deal with every given situation that arises however; having a greater level of confidence in your own savoir-faire helps.

Take it from me, there is (still) much to make you really appreciate the short time you have in this world so, next time your bemoaning all your personal social and/or financial predicament, or you feel yourself drifting into self-pity… Get a bloody grip!

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