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Some excellent observations and comments on the Police Federation Conference…

The Custody Record

Today was the top of bill day for the Police Federation National Conference in Bournemouth. This was the day that the keynote addresses were given by the Federation Chair Mr Paul McKeever and the current Home Secretary Mrs Theresa May.

The Federation have been streaming the conference via the main website. This gives many of us who don’t have the opportunity to attend a chance to see the events without being edited by TV companies or interrupted by adverts.

The address started with a moving depiction of officers that we have lost recently accompanied by Elgar’s Nimrod from the Enigma Variations. A thoroughly moving and beautiful piece of music.

Paul McKeever then addressed the conference with his keynote speech. Last year I sat and watched his speech in awe. He made a tremendous impact and spoke with passion, commitment and without notes for 45 minutes. He left himself a tall…

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