Learning from dogs in a dog-eared society

Canis lupus Deutsch: Wolf English: Gray wolf. ...
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A little more than a month on from saying goodbye to a faithful old friend I got to thinking; perhaps we can actually learn something from our dogs and just maybe, it  would help in the quest to rebuild our dog-eared society?

Our dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) are ancestors of the gray wolf and may well have been the first domesticated animal, their undoubted value to early man has led to them becoming ubiquitous across world cultures.

These days most of us are computer literate and internet savvy, when we don’t know the answer to something all we need to do is put a few words in Google and click. But often, the answers we need are actually staring us in the face. We also have a general tendency towards over complicating many aspects of our lives.

But the answers we seek don’t always have to be invented. We often don’t need the sometimes suspect and usually expensive advice of wiz kid management and business consultants. These answers also don’t even have to be sourced from internet consultancy websites, or reference sources such as Wikipedia et al. Often all we need is the ability to see the answers that are in front of us. Importantly, try think a little more simplistically sometimes.

Historically, dogs have performed many roles for humans such as; hunting, herding, pulling loads, protection, assisting the police and military or helping the disabled. However today, many dogs are little more than pets providing simple companionship what they do excel at however is seeing things (and humans) at face-value.

Dogs don’t do politics, dogs don’t have double standards, or stab each other in the back at every opportunity, for their own personal gain or advancement. Dogs are loyal and honest and will support and care for their families, be it a canine or human family. In general, a dog is a sociable animal and only anti-social, dangerous or savage because of human training or abuse.

Dogs have deservedly earned the title “Man’s Best Friend” in the Western world, pity humans can’t be a little more like dogs some times!

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