Sexuality: another difficult topic

Justin Fashanu 1961-1998

Previously I’ve spoken on the matter of racism, one of those difficult topics to talk about, without getting lambasted from every corner or, hopefully not, upsetting someone. Another subject that draws similar response is that of peoples sexuality…

I’m not and never have been a follower of football (soccer for my American readers), as far as I’m concerned, it’s just twenty-two people kicking the wrong shaped bag of wind around a field, and getting grotesque amounts of money for doing so. It does however concern me that the sport, is apparently one of the last bastions of homophobia.

I understand that apparently, there are currently around 5,000 professional footballers in Britain, that fact could probably help to clear the national debt if they were mindful to make donations to the public purse however; apparently none of them are openly gay. I’ve never really understood the individual desire, or need, to proclaim ones sexual preference from the rooftops but, if that is your want, so be it.

Reading the news yesterday, I found that Amal Fashanu, niece of Justin Fashanu, is asking why no gay player has followed in her uncles boots in nearly 25 years ( and ‘come out’ in public.

Football is clearly not that comfortable with women in board rooms. They’re clearly not that comfortable with black people in management positions. And so, when it comes to gay people, that just blows their mind…(John Amaechi)

Still too much stigma in a (supposedly) ‘macho’ sport perhaps? But, is there a need for anyone to broadcast their sexuality from the rooftops, simply because of ‘celebrity’ status? It must be about the individuals ‘desire’ to tell, as opposed to the public’s ‘need’ to know! I’m looking forward to the program, perhaps I’ll gain better understanding of the issues…

Britain’s Gay Footballers will be broadcast on Monday 30 January at 21:00 GMT on BBC Three (See here)

One thought on “Sexuality: another difficult topic

  1. I’m not a particular fan of many of the views espoused by Owen Jones however a recent piece of his in The Independent, Gay people have come a long way – but hatred is still out there is wholly relevent here…

    When it comes to homophobia, it’s fair to say that ex-Everton football player Michael Ball doesn’t mince his words. “That fucking queer,” he tweeted about Coronation Street’s Antony Cotton. “Get back to your sewing machine in Corrie, you moaning bastard.” His aggressive antipathy towards gay people is shared by Jason Gibbs, a former Brighton teacher who called his students “poofs” and “batty boys”, warning one class not to “go into the shower because this group will start bending you over and do you up the ass”.

    Read more at The Independent or see his blog


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