Book Review: A Fair Cop

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A Fair Cop is the true story of a young police officer’s imprisonment for a crime he did not commit. It was Michael Bunting’s life ambition to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a police officer. But six years after his family watch him pass out and begin his life’s dream, he is serving a sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. This is his story…

The underlying principle of English law` is that a ‘suspect’ is ‘innocent until proven guilty unfortunately, and far too often, it appears that for a police officer, that principle is usually applied in reverse i.e. ‘Guilty until proven innocent‘!

The book is a worthwhile and compelling read however, it has also proved a little controversial, as can be seen from some of the comments at Michael’s Blog. Rhetorical observations, mostly fuelled by an emotive media machine, written by the amoebae amongst us, who genuinely believe that we are living in a police state, despite never having experienced or suffered one.

Those who haven’t received it well are generally the ones who so seek to challenge and defy the rule of law and order, by unlawful means and at any cost.  The type that continually seeks to damage the state they despise, simply to further their own agenda or individualistic desires and self-interest. A factor perhaps evidenced by the increased anarchic tendencies of so many, but still the minority, over recent months.

I for one will always believe with a pasion that; our democratically defined legislation is (mostly) in place to protect the majority from the minority who seek to cause harm to others and our society. The parts of our system that I don’t agree with I will challenge, but in a legal and democratic manner. After all, my personal opinion could be wrong, couldn’t it? I just hope that I never have to suffer the experiences of Michael.

Thin Blue Line Blog: …I uploaded the book today and couldn’t put it down until I’d read the last word. Any serving, retired or former police officer that reads this book must surely think “There but for the grace of God Go I … ” (Read more)

Michael Bunting is currently writing his second book, The Dark Side, which is the follow-up to A Fair Cop. It takes a detailed look at the legal process that resulted in his conviction as well as featuring extracts from interviews with his original defence counsel, the Criminal Cases Review Commission and West Yorkshire Police.

Policing? Could You? Would You?

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