Note to self: learn to bloody type faster!

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Have you ever had one of those weeks where so much is going on, you simply don’t have the time to keep up with the things you want to do? This has (so far) been one of those. “Better Time Management Required” I hear you cry and that’s fine, there may be some of that required however; good time management necessitates putting some things off to another day, especially if not a priority or important in the real scheme of things…

I’ve come to the conclusion that, the very subject of ‘time management’ is often at the root of so much that causes my angst about public sector failures. I also suspect many managers within the public sector actually use it to their advantage, whilst we the public are usually disadvantaged by it.

How many times have we witnessed the delivery of some new missive or policy proposal from the government, or other public agency for that matter, only to find the ‘public consultation’ phase was often announced as an after thought, and often at the eleventh hour in any case? Is it any wonder that so many things get approved and implemented because there was “no public concern” when really, the ‘public’ actually had either no time or (more worryingly), no inclination to voice their concern or challenge any issues in the first place?

Some managers, who in effect are actually public servants (a fact they would do well to remember sometimes), will come up with some half-baked theory or idea, often simply to further their own career prospects, than wham! Before you know it, you’ve had another piece of inane legislation or superfluous service delivery requirement that impacts upon your miserable existence, suddenly but stealthily rammed up your shit box whilst you weren’t looking or otherwise engaged.

The public sector manager sits wholly contented, with a smug face of job well done whilst the remainder of us, we the recipients of that public service, sit and ask why? Try to accept something they don’t agree with and work out ways to get it changed, if they can actually be bothered that is.

The whole process is one of the main reasons many of us don’t actually receive the quality of service we want and/or require. Too many of those we, the taxpayers, fund within the public sector have very little cognisance of the meaning of the word ‘service’, unless it relates to self-service and/or self-importance that is.  

Rant over (partly)!

I read recently that North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) are finally going to do something about parking problems in the area – fandabbydozy!

BOSSES at a county council have agreed to take on responsibility for parking enforcement for the first time in the authority’s history after rising complaints about illegal and inconsiderate parking…(Read more)

After some public consultation which showed “almost 60% of residents thought parking was a problem” moves are now afoot to deal with the drivers who flout on-street parking restrictions. All I, and many more in the area can say to that is; about bloody time! It’s only taken the local authority three plus sodding years to get their heads around that which we the residents advised them of originally. And people think these public servants don’t listen to their communities, it appears they do, it just takes a long time to sink in with people who are so busy fecking-up our lives in advancement of their own!

I have to wonder however; after the years of waiting for some action, is this simply just another breeze of hot air rhetoric, designed to appease a complaining and despondent local electorate or, will we actually see some tangible results, for a change?

The quoted article highlights how proposals agreed by the council’s executive, will lead to an application for civil parking enforcement (CPE). But, the ‘action’, effectively transferring responsibility for the regulation of on-street parking from the police to the local highways authority, won’t actually come into force until 2012/13.

Undoubtedly a good move however; who enforces the restrictions during the interim period? Indeed, who has been enforcing them up to now? To my knowledge, at least locally, North Yorkshire Police haven’t actually taken an active role in parking regulations enforcement for several years now.

The simple answer to the enforcement question is no one, and in this period of local authority cut-backs, is it likely they will employ resources to do so in the future? Also highly unlikely! So after 3+ years and in real terms, we are no further forward and to cap it all, this morning I received notice that my resident’s parking permit was due for renewal. Another year of paying for the privilege of, not being able to park my car outside my house, great.

And, to add insult to injury, the demand notice was signed (in facsimile) by someone designated as an ‘Improvement Manager’ on behalf of a ‘Corporate Director’… Despite their high and mighty titles, many would have to question their actual ability and service delivery… I’d sack ’em all, sanctimonious self-important muppets!

One thought on “Note to self: learn to bloody type faster!

  1. I sympathise indeed with the sack the lot initiative Dave. Strange there are so many of these types when one considers ‘efficiency’ -you’d think they’d be first to get the boot.


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