What makes you angry?

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Today for me it was a TV program… It wasn’t the subject, the content or the quality of the show that got to me, at least not in an angry manner, it was the unconnected issues that were highlighted because of it…

I’ve just sat through an hour of very powerful TV – the first part of a two-part documentary about Harry’s Arctic Heroes – it left me feeling both proud and incensed…

Proud there are still some people in our little nation with a can do – will do attitude to life, prepared to push onwards & upwards, no matter what obstacles are placed in their way… Incensed that there are also so many who spend most of their lives sat on their arse, almost continually moaning and whining about the hand they were dealt in life and how society owes them.

How they were failed by the education system that didn’t understand them or, how outrageous it is that someone who is unemployable unemployed has to keep applying for work just to get their benefit payments. Much of this may be partly due to our social failures however; a great deal is still down to personal choice. Irrespective of what some lefty sociologist spouts at me from his/her designer pad in the West End of London.

I know I’m not allowed to be patriotic and/or believe in my Country any more, I could offend someone. I’m also fully aware that comments such as these mean I’m likely to be branded with some socialistic distasteful descriptive for ‘demonizing the working class’  or taking a pop at the less advantaged… I really couldn’t give a shit.

Whatever position you happen to enjoy/endure in our social dung heap of self-interested politics, bwanker economics and welfare excrement, much of what happens in life is down to personal choice and ability. When I hear so many in our society continually bleating about not having the power (or finances) to make the choices they want to make, it makes me want to vomit. Even more sickening and irksome when you consider how many people have died or been seriously injured in their name.

The program I watched charts the extraordinary attempt by four severely injured Afghan veterans to complete the first unsupported trek by wounded soldiers to the North Pole. The team actually completed their gargantuan adventure on Saturday April 16 2011 and you can read about the epic record-breaking expedition HERE. Prior to departure one member wrote…

Should I make it to the Pole it would not only be an achievement, but to me it would signify overcoming the injuries I’d sustained in battle…(Capt. Martin Hewitt Para)

I suspect, even for the totally able-bodied amongst us, the 1st day of training would have been A Bridge Too Far for most… Please make a donation in support of Walking With The Wounded, a charity dedicated to raising funds for the re-education and re-training of our wounded servicemen & women. Make a difference to their lives as a thankyou for protecting ours…(CLICK HERE)

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