Home Office bonuses and police cuts…

Keith Vaz, British Labour politician, at a mar...
Keith Vaz MP

For some time now I and many others have been disgusted about the expenditure and criminal waste that is sanctioned by so many senior managers within the public sector…Talk about one rule for them and one rule for us or, do as I say not as I do… What about the mantra of “we’re all in this together” crap, which is so obviously little more than hot air!

Today (22-08-11) the Rt.Hon. Keith Vaz MP, chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee has said; the payment of bonuses to senior civil servants who already earn more than £60,000 was “wrong” and should be stopped in the current financial climate… No shit? His angst is simply directed at just another example of our nation’s Clown Politics? A situation whereby those who govern this country allow the wealthy to get wealthier, often at the expense of the poor getting poorer!

The Home Office should scrap plans to award its top-performing senior staff bonuses worth £300,000, MPs said today…bonuses are planned despite the Home Office facing a 25% cut to its budget over the next four years, including policing and immigration…(The Independent)

It’s ironic that these bonuses were actually agreed back in 2010, at the exact same point when the police were informed about their pay freeze, along with the rest of the impacts delivered in the Winsor & Hutton reviews. Now, at a time when the police service are facing 20% cuts to their budgets and people are loosing their jobs, some self-important self-serving muppet in The Home Office tries to continue with these bonus payments. Why?

How can it be morally right that; those who are mostly responsible for the lack lustre management of our public money in the past, get rewarded now for their dismal endeavours? It can’t, and even if they aren’t directly responsible, is it right their remuneration should be enhanced when, so many of their lower paid colleagues are facing pay cuts and/or the loss of their livelihood? Talk about dual standards!

These are the types of issues that have led our country (and us) to where we are today. So reminiscent of the fat cat bwankers who we all apparently despise so much, but if that really is the case, why do we go on letting our politicians, civil servants and public sector leaders do the exact same things?

I’ve never been a great lover of lefty ideology but I also wouldn’t call myself ‘true blue’, at least not in the Conservative party sense. I’m more middle of the road and tend to go more for the MP who talks sense. And even more importantly, comes across as actually believing in the stuff he/she spouts, irrespective of their political colour. When that rhetoric happens to make sense, for the greater good of our society, so much the better. Keith Vaz to my mind, has always presented himself as such. He usually appears to be one of those MPs who unlike many, puts society before himself. That in its self makes a refreshing change!

The time has come for an end to ‘all are equal but some are more equal than others’ ethics in our Nation’s self-serving leadership… Well done Mr Vaz for making a stand, irrespective of your personal politics! 

One thought on “Home Office bonuses and police cuts…

  1. Here we see yet another example of the fat cats smothering us in excrement. We have young (and not so young) men and women not just trying to do their job in extreme circumstances with either the wrong equipment, not enough of it or in some cases none of it, not just doing the job but being killed or life changingly injured in foreign deserts and these fat bastards want bonuses. Well done Vass but is his nose clean?
    Have a dram for our forces and their families next time you imbibe, and be proud of what they do in our name. I know what bonus i’d like to give our senior civil servants, or is that the wrong word? I thought the meaning of servant was to serve others, and not themselves.


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