Policing and Military change driven by politics!

Joint service seal of the Canadian Forces
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The Guardian et al recently reported the ‘Army is set to shrink to smallest size since Boer war’ under government plans…

All three services have become overloaded with top brass, according to the report by Lord Levene. His proposals have been accepted by the coalition government however, Levene noted that inter-service rivalry had added to the problem.

As a result he recommended the creation of a new joint forces command, headed by a high-ranked commander, as one way of breaking down the barriers between them.

The reasons for restructuring the military are myriad but mostly clouded in political smokescreens. The bottom line is; as a nation, we simply can’t afford the military we’ve got any more. Its much the same as the policing cuts debacle and all a a direct result of massive governmental and organisational wastage in the past.

In slightly different but partly connected news; The “royal” prefix has been restored to Canada’s air and sea forces.

“Restoring these historic identities is an important way of reconnecting today’s men and women in uniform with the proud history and traditions they carry with them as members of the Canadian Forces… A country forgets its past at its own peril… (Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay)

An interesting and important ethos but what chance the PSNI reclaiming pride in their RUC history I wonder?

One thought on “Policing and Military change driven by politics!

  1. What a great ending to the comment by the Canuck MP. “A country forgets its past at its own peril”. Do I need to say it; Back to my previous replies, this counrty (which I have adopted, some would say been sent to civilise) forgets its past mainly because of left wing Liberalism, the PC Brigade and the eunuchs that reside at No 10. We (nay) YOU are constantly told to look forward and not dwell on your (sometimes) glorious past. Yet it is our past that shapes the present. Unfortunately some of the YOOF of today know nothing about what made Britain great and have no real morals or values, hence why some participated in last weeks riots. As to the military cuts nothing surprising there, we have policing on the cheap (PCSO’s Specials, recent cuts) now it is the turn of the forces, however I do agree about them being top heavy. The inter services rivalry is what made our services the best Professional forces in the world. No wonder the troops think all the head shed both military and government are T******.


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