A Scottish Musical Moment before bed…

3 thoughts on “A Scottish Musical Moment before bed…

  1. Sadly true. However pride and especially patriotism is also diluted by the constant media position in England where whenever someone “does good” they costantly snipe,harrangue, (phone hack) and generally put down those growing (And I hesitate to use this word) hero’s/heroines. See Beckham et al. Maybe it is cause us Kelts (I know I spelt it wrong but…) are so thick skinned that we feel fervour when it comes to our heritage, or indeed maybe it is as you Dave mention above: That the imperialism experienced by our forefathers makes us who we are today. Slantie.


  2. The unfortunate position is that in general, as a society we are now conditioned to be ashamed and embarassed about our land south of the wall. In many ways it’s due to the retribution constantly metered out by modern liberals for our past imperialism in historically and vastly different times?
    Perhaps I should be heading north in a wee while to see if I cannae find a breach in the wall 🙂


  3. Fanbloodytastic!!! The sights and sounds that I have just watched/listened to would bring a tear to a glass eye. I never thought I would get so emotional but brilliant shots of God’s country along with some banging tunes. Even if you don’t like the Jocks you cannae fault oor country (ok maybe the midges) and the beauty that is within.
    Dave you’ve just made this ex pat proud of his heritage once again, maybe one day you guys will awake with national pride and beat your drums about this my adoptive County/Country.


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