Police Officers: Help others by helping yourself

Visit the Police Treatment CentresToday we live in a society that (unfortunately) tends to be made up of self-interested individuals. Much of that short-sighted self-interest is however born out of financial constraints, the need to provide for and support their own families. Money is tight for everyone at the moment so it is unsurprising that charitable donations take a hit during these difficult times. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could look after others whilst still helping ourselves? Well it’s possible and more importantly, it doesn’t cost a great deal…

Every year thousands of police officers suffer injuries or experience serious illnesses. All police officers in the UK need to seriously consider this fact however, it’s not until you become one of those statistics that you really understand the impacts such an injury or illness can have on you and your family.

Back in 1987 I was one of those statistics. I was involved in a serious road accident where my best friend was killed and I was seriously injured. Officers attending the scene on that night reported back to control via radio; “one fatal injury and one likely to prove”.

That night was the start of a long, painful and worrying journey to recovery. After regaining consciousness several days after the accident, I could never have envisaged that I would be absent from work for a period just short of a twelve months. A length of time that, given the constraints of the National Health Service and their availability of physiotherapy provision, would have been substantially extended, if not for a police charity which I happened to subscribe to. But it’s not just accidents that result in officer injury.

At least one police officer is attacked on duty every hour while the number suffering serious injury is soaring…(express.co.uk)

The Police Treatment Centres charity provides intensive physiotherapy and other services for officers suffering injury and/or illness and as a result, many of them are able to return to work sooner than expected. Like many others, this charity is facing a dire financial future.

Police officers are to be asked to donate more from their salaries to ensure the future of two treatment centres for ill or injured personnel (see BBC News).

The Police Treatment Centres based in North Yorkshire and Perthshire (see Facebook page), are largely funded by voluntary donations from serving officers. The registered charity, which costs £4m a year to run, has been experiencing a decline in contributions for some time however, this is now compounded by a fear that income is likely to fall amid a reduction in police numbers.

For a small donation per week (less than the price of a pint of beer), you can help to ensure this charity continues to provide these much-needed services to you AND your colleagues…

Please find out how you can donate HERE or for further information check out the 2010 promotional video.

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