Blogging: my personal views and opinion…

Norman Tebbit giving a talk for the Edinburgh ...
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In The Telegraph, I came across an article written by Sir Norman Tebbit about today’s Osama Bin Laden news. Subject matter aside, I really liked the part about the process of blogging, so much so I thought it worthy of plagiarism reproduction… 🙂

“I am but a blogger, working on a fee basis [I wish!] Whilst I try to read all the comments posted on this site and to reply to as many of the points which are raised, it is not part of my contract to do so, nor  do I have the time amongst my other commitments to deal with all of them, nor any obligation to engage with abusive or paranoiac comments from conspiracy theorists or disturbed trolls.”

“As ever I am pleased and encouraged when the majority of comments are supportive of what I write and where reasonable disagreements are expressed I try to engage with them. After all, I have changed my mind in the past and may well do so again in the future.” (Read full post)

Here, Here… The ethos that we are all entitled to our opinion is a sentiment I wholeheartedly subscribe to!

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