Thought of the day…

The Thinker by Auguste Rodin Bronze
Image via Flickr

The following quote comes from the last paragraph of The Bleak Side of the Scientific World-View by Allcoppedout

“The average human has almost no clue how much work she needs to do to live in a better world than now. I suspect this is much less work than the average human does in screwing up our world.”

As many will know, I’m not a great lover of pontificating academics; the kind of people who have spent most of their lives in seats of learning, assimilating (or experiencing) very little of that which impacts upon the rest of us. Also a strategic failure in many of our current day politicians!

Since discovering Allcoppedout on my trips around the blogosphere, I have generally found much of the content sensible and, I can usually relate to it, even actually understand it. That has to be a result for an academic!

However, the author of the blog is someone I would describe as something of a latter-day academic. One who has gleaned a great deal of life experience, prior to them purporting to be some outstanding expert in their field, let alone being pompous enough to forcefully impart that expertise on another. I feel sure many will have experienced those academics, politicians, chief executives and managers who (often intentionally) talk in language no bugger else understands. In many ways it’s simply another aspect of that ‘self’ word again… Self-important, self-promoting and self-indulgent, need I go further?

Whether or not the use of the word ‘she’ in the quotation above was intentional, I know not. Irrespective of the ‘she’ usage, and the fact there tends to be greater numbers of men in many of the roles mentioned above, I would actually take the quote as non gender specific!

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