Altruism in our society?

Looking over the Memorial to the murdered Jews...
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As many will have read previously, my theory behind so many of our social ills, and the creation of the ‘new jews’ (see below) is that small word ‘self’…

In general society bimbles along with no great cognisance of, and little care about, how they as individuals impact upon others. Self-interest, self-importance, self-promotion et al abound and flourish.

New Jews: I don’t think of people in terms of ethnicity, sex, gender, colour and the range of boring labels of dork identity.  If I’m game for sex, I have my preferences and note much ‘tolerance’ disappears at such points in our lives.  We don’t, generally, conjoin with homosexuals if we ain’t, and so on, if you think about such matters.  Tolerance has limits. Blog about a bit and you can find any prejudices you want or aspire to.  Most of us have been tau … Read More

We lack a greater level of altruism in today’s society however; there are those who would argue that it never actually existed in the first place. If that’s correct, where does that leave us?

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