Crap heading for the fan?

The Great Depression
Image via Flickr

Sat in very pleasant warm sunshine this morning, listening to the world go by whilst reading the morning paper, I got to wondering what is to become of our society and our nation.

With all the stuff impacting upon us of late, are the problems we face now reaching their critical mass and if so, how soon will that implosion take place? Are we now facing our very own great depression? It appears I may not be alone in my quandary of thought.

Allcoppedout, one of my often read blogging colleagues, who usually makes interesting points and observations, and mostly ones based upon a far more educated viewpoint than I,  posed a question this week worthy of some serious thought…

How close are we to a Britain with hunger thieves and bread riots? – …Currently, we can cut our budgets and choices, rather than face choices on eating or not eating as inflation bites. The speculation in food prices has not been able to hit such a big part of our society yet. I’d guess we have food prices are rising at 25% per year now. It’s hit in poorer countries more because the link between filling your belly and cost of production and speculation is more direct. I winder how far we are from having enough people to turn out with nothing to lose? (Read full post)

2 thoughts on “Crap heading for the fan?

  1. From my perhaps limited experience of those places where people “live poor” I sometimes think; I’d often rather live with their ethics (and dangers) than the ones we possess in the so-called ‘western civilised world’!


  2. There’s some work on offer at the moment that would take me into retirement. Much of it concerns working in countries where most of the people ‘live poor’. Sadly, it’s getting harder to justify the risks involved, as personal safety is severely compromised. One used to be able to work up local agreements based on honour. Long gone.


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